Optimizing mutual position of loudspeakers
b: 152
c: 152.4
a: 93.8
a: 93.8
d: 132
e: 216
Optimizing mutual position of loudspeakers
Rectangular room
Loudspeakers are placed along the short wall
L: W:
1. Insert room sizes in centimeters, filling in cells L and W, and the program will automatically calculate meanings a, b, c, d & e.

2. In general case, meaning c shouldnt be less than 140 sm, and meaning a & e shouldnt be less than 60 sm.
     If a, c & e meanings dont correspond to these conditions, theyll appear in the red. .

3. Practically, optimal position doesnt always coincide with the calculated result. Each definite case requires individual adjustment by means of moving AC diagonally in direction of front corners.

4. With some listeners moving away from AC, i.e. with meaning d increasing, sound stage can get deeper and more extensional.

5. Turning loudspeakers to the listener may improve sound quality if the loudspeakers are too close to sidewalls.

6. Turning loudspeakers to the listener may not be necessary if sidewalls are acoustically treated. Besides, acoustic treatment of sidewalls allows to increase the distance between loudspeakers (meaning c), which positively influences on the width of stereo-panorama.
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